The F.I.C.B. Diploma of Honour awarded to José Vouillamoz in Bern at the Autumn Chapter of the Ordre de la Channe

On Saturday 18 November, at the SCHWEIZERHOF hotel in BERN (Switzerland), the ORDRE DE LA CHANNE, member of F.I.C.B., held its traditional Autumn Chapter. On this occasion, our treasurer, Alain HUET, presented the F.I.C.B. diploma of honour to Dr José VOUILLAMOZ, an internationally renowned oenologist and ampelographer, on behalf of our Board of administration.

From left to right : Alain HUET, José VOUILLAMOZ and Patrick BEROD

The diploma of honour, awarded on the proposal of the Ordre de la Channe, contains the following mention read:

“Internationally renowned oenologist and ampelographer, author of numerous articles and scientific works on grape varieties of the world and Swiss wines, member of the International Wine Academy and several wine brotherhoods, co-host of the first wine club in Switzerland (DIVO)”.

Click here for Dr José VOUILLAMOZ’s biography

During the Chapter, on the proposal of Patrick BEROD, Grand Master of the Order of the Channe, the F.I.C.B. medal was presented to Jonas ETTLIN, President of VINEA, in recognition of his contribution to the world of wine in Switzerland, and in particular for the training programmes for young people that he has developed. VINEA was founded in 1994 with the creation of the Rencontres vinicoles in Sierre, Valais, Switzerland. VINEA has become a major centre of expertise, organising activities to promote Swiss vines and wines at regional, national and international level (see ).(voir ) VINEA a vu le jour en 1994 avec la création des Rencontres vinicoles à Sierre, Valais, Suisse. VINEA est devenue un important centre de compétences en organisant des activités en faveur de la vigne et des vins suisses, au niveau régional, national et international (voir ).

On the right : Jonas ETTLIN

During this Chapter, rich in encounters, Paolo BASSO, recognised as the best sommelier in Europe in 2010 and in the world in 2013, was inducted into the Ordre de la Channe.

Last but not least, the choir of the Order of the Channe, the “Gais chanteurs”, accompanied the magnificent day with a number of top-quality musical performances.

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