Annual Chapter of the Brotherhood of the Croatian Wine Knights

The Brotherhood of the Croatian Wine Knights held its annual Chapter on 13-14 April in Šibenik, on the Dalmatian coast.
This brotherhood joined F.I.C.B. in 2023 as an active member and took part for the first time in our general assembly last February. It was founded in1998 and registered in 2002 and has members (Knights and Knights Ladies) from all over Croatia. It promotes the traditions and quality of the wines of Croatia, which has a history of wine growing spreading over more than 2000 years. A wide diversity of wine varietals is grown, from the emblematic local Babić (red) or Pošip (white) to all the major Mediterranean varietals.

The event started with a reception was organized in the restaurant of the Knight Mile MALEŠ, where his products, homemade cheese and prosciutto, and his wines Babić and Pošip were tasted.

The programme continued with a parade on the banks of the Šibenik Bay which led the participants to the spectacular 15th century Saint James Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage monument. The mass was celebrated by Mgr. Dr. Franjo KOMARICA.

It was followed by an enthronization ceremony where 10 new Knights and 2 Knight Ladies were inducted by the Grand Master, Ivo DELONGA, in the Bishop’s room next to the Cathedral.

The annual general assembly of the Brotherhood followed, in the City Museum which presents numerous artefacts, testimonies of the rich civilization of the region.

On the Sunday, a “Wine Knight tournament” was held at the City Hall. The concept is the following:

11 wines from the same varietal (pure or majority) are selected by a Jury of 3 wine experts, in this case the Babič (red) varietal

• The Jury, presided here by Ms. Ivana ALPEZA (PhD), blind taste and rate each wine according to the “Global Wine Score”, while participants also rate the wines with a mark from 0 (low) to 5 (high)

the jury

All the participants thus rate the wines in the same, simple way, so that they can compare their appreciation with the final appreciation of the Jury
• Bread, olive oil and cheese are available on the tables
• At the end, the Jury decided on the best wine and, as happened this time, had to re-taste as there was a draw between the Babić of Vinoplod Šibenik Winery and that of the BIBICh winery
The wine finally declared by the Jury as the best “Babić” was the one from the BIBICh winery.

This concept is a very good and simple way to share wine expertise and promote emulation among wine producers. It is practiced by several members of F.I.C.B., as is the case with our Slovenian member Brotherhoods. It is an educational and entertaining way of promoting wine expertise. F.I.C.B. would like to encourage this practice and will develop a guide with its members who hold such tournaments.

At the closure of the Tournament, Alan BRYDEN, President of F.I.C.B., conveyed the greetings of the wine brotherhoods members of our Federation, underlined his support to the concept of wine tournaments and encouraged the active participation of the Croatian Wine Knights in F.I.C.B.’s activities and events.

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