Assemblée générale 2024 de la F.I.C.B. : COMMUNIQUÉ

The F.I.C.B. General assembly 2024 was held on 27 January in Paris. 32 members were present or represented, with around sixty participants. 32 members were present or represented, with around sixty participants.
It marked the return to full activity of our federation and its members, after 3 years impacted by the COVID pandemic and the international situation.
The President, Alan BRYDEN, presented a report of the year 2023, which was marked by two international events (52nd International Congress in Portugal and 2nd Wine Discovery Tour in Slovenia), an increase in memberships (+4), the renovation of our website, the promotion of our lexicon and of our guide for the organisation of blind recognition competitions and the award of 5 Diplomas of Honour to international wine personalities. A brochure on the recipients of this Diploma over the period 2015-2023 was distributed on this occasion.

The General assembly reviewed the programme of our future international events: the 2nd International Tasting Challenge organised by the Ladies of Pannonia in Hungary in May 2024, the 3nd Wine Discovery Tour in Piedmont in 2025, organised by the Knights of the Truffe and the Wines of Alba and the 53nd International Congress to be held in late May 2026 in the Provence Côte-d’Azur region, organised by the Ordre Illustre des Chevaliers de Méduse.

Exchanges were held on the initiatives taken by some of our member brotherhoods to diversify their activities, in particular the “wine tournaments” organised by the Slovenian brotherhoods, the organisation of blind grape variety recognition by correspondence (sending samples) by the Renaud Society and the creation of a “Master of wine” diploma by the Oregon Wine Brotherhood (these initiatives are or will be described on our website).

The participants then met for lunch at the recently renovated Musée du Vin of Paris, now “M le Musée du Vin”, which hosts the headquarters of our federation, where they were welcomed by the new owner, Olivier CHANDÈS.

On saturday night, a tour of Montmartre, guided by Montmartre historian Gérard Letailleur, preceded a memorable diner at « la Bonne Franquette »,

the emblematic restaurant of “La Butte”, which has welcomed many illustrious artists since its creation over a century ago, and where participants were welcomed by Patrick Fracheboud, the restaurant’s owner.

The F.I.C.B. medal was awarded to Olivier CHANDÈS, Gérard LETAILLEUR and Patrick FRACHEBOUD in recognition of their support for our federation.

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