The Confraria of Port Wine was established in 1982 to promote, disseminate and consolidate the world wide reputation of Port Wine.

The Confraria consists of professionals involved in the commerce and export of Port Wine, be they individual merchants directors, or managers of companies.

The Confraria of Port Wine has as emblematic patron the Infante D. Henrique, as it considers that the prominent position of this Prince is in conformity with the universal spirit of Port Wine.

The rank of Mestre (Master) is granted to the Confrades (Confreres) who are directors or managers of companies and the rank of Experto (Expert) to the top employees of the Port Wine companies. The Mestres and Expertos are the effective Confrades who elect amongst themselves the Chancelaria (Chancellery) – which manages  and represents the Confraria do Vinho doPorto.

The Chancelaria consists of The Chanceler (Chancellor) –  the highest  representative in the Confraria do Vinho do Porto – The Almoxarife (Administrator), The Coperio-Mor (Head-Cupbearer), The Almotacé (Treasurer) and the Fiel das Usanças (Warden of Usages).

There are three ranks of Confrades Honorários: Cancelário (Rector), Infanção (Nobleman) and Cavaleiro (Knight).

Cancelários are eminent personalities who through their exposure give notoriety to the Confraria do Vinho do Porto. The Confraria do Vinho do Porto has 44 Cancelários, including the President of Portugal, the King of Spain and the King of Belgium, as well as many Presidents, Princes and leaders of the world who honour the brotherhood by their participation.

Infanções are all relevant personalities or institutions who made a significant contribution to the promotion, prestige and dignity of Port Wine or who deserve to be distinguished with this rank due to their personal prestige or top ranking positions.

Cavaleiros are all those who are not included in the previous ranks and deserve being distinguished for their dedication and service to the Port Wine.


The Confraria of Port Wine organizes every year the Ceremony of Enthronement and the Rabelo Boat Race.

These events coincide with the festivities of the city of Oporto-  24th June – and add notoriety, high spirit and joy to the City and to our product: the Port Wine.

  • Rua Dr. António Granjo, 207
  • 4400-124 Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Portugal
  • tél. : +35 1 223 745 525
  • fax. : +35 1 223 705 400
  • Chanceler (Chancelier) : George Thomas David Sandeman
  • Almoxarife (Surintendant) : António Manuel de Macedo Pinto e Vasconcelos, David Bruce Fonseca Guimaraens
  • Copeiro-Mor (Grande-Échanson) : Jorge Chamis Rosas – Almotacé ( Officier)
  • Secrétaire : Ana Maria Borges
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