The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine of Korea is expanding

The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine of Korea was created in 2018 and has been a member of the F.I.C.B. ever since. Their aim is to raise awareness and appreciation of world wines in South Korea, and to develop expertise in the art of wine tasting and the harmony between wine and food…

Grand Commandeur DR. Kim Dong-Joon opening the Chapter 2023

At its 2023 Chapter on 18 July, 5 new “Knights” were inducted: Dr. In Hee Cho, Mr. Dong Goog Kim, Mr. Sang Il Kim, Mr. Hyun Kuk Lee, Ms. You Ju Kang) and Dr. Ho Hyeon Park was promoted to Officer.

The new inducted ans promoted during the wine tasting

To date, the Brotherhood has 1 Commander, 6 Officers and 24 Knights, under the leadership of Dr. Kim Dong-Joon, the Grand Commander. Based in Daegu, the Brotherhood hopes to expand to other regions of South Korea and has a page on Facebook. It plans to take part in forthcoming F.I.C.B. events and hopes to maybe host one some day. The President of F.I.C.B. had sent a video message that he had recorded in Porto during the gala ginner of the 52nd Congress.

In,duction of Ms. You Ju Kiang et presentation of induction diplomas

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