Great success for the wine harvest festival at Vrsac (Serbia)

Each year, the town of Vrsac in Serbia celebrates its wine harvest festival the third week of September. 2016 was a really special year for this celebration, as the Banat Wine Order Theodor, in charge of the traditional programme, received its admission certificate as F.I.C.B. active member. The certificate was presented to the Grand Master of this Order, Nikola CUCULJ, by Janez DEZMAN, Vice-president of F.I.C.B. for Slovenia on behalf of Alan BRYDEN, President of F.I.C.B. who had conveyed a special message of welcome. This presentation was made on a stage set in the city centre and attended by several other Serbian wine brotherhoods.

During the three days of celebration, the town of Vrsac, main city of the Serbian Banat wine area, the major wine area in Serbia, hosted more than 80 000 participants and staged many events such as the election of the harvest Miss or the launch by airplanes of thousands of parachutes to which prize tickets were attached for the participants to win all sorts of presents.

This is a good example of how a wine brotherhood may proactively contribute to the promotion of its region and to maintaining the traditions and conviviality of wine tasting.

For more, visit the site of the Banat Wine Order Theodor :

Janez DEZMAN presents the F.I.C.B. certificate to Nikola CUCULJ
Serbian wine brotherhoods in attendance
Nikola CUCULJ, Grand Master of the Banat Wine Order Teodor

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