Our Order was established in 1964 by Norman Gates who followed the philosophy of ancient wine brotherhoods by honoring wine, country and mankind. He created our organization to unite those people who produce wine, those who sell it, and those who appreciate it. Since our founding, we have had five Grand Commanders: Norman Gates, Michael Doukas, William Hegland, Terrance McCleerey and Robert “Buddy” Hagner who is our current Grand Commander.

There are chapters in major cities across the United States and several in the process of formation. You will find camaraderie with people who love wine in the local chapters as well as when you have an opportunity to travel and visit other chapters. The Order of the Knights of the Vine is an International non-profit 501(c)(10) organization created to promote American wines and wine producing regions; to introduce and recognize quality wines from around the world; and to rekindle the respect of wine and wine culture for mankind and country.

In the tradition of wine brotherhoods around the world, we seek to promote our own American wine industry and educate our members to the benefits and enjoyment of wine. We are a founding member of the Federation Internationale des Confreries Bachiques (FICB) and one of over 100 Wine Brotherhoods from around the world! The FICB is an umbrella organization that was created in 1964 and aims to promote and defend fine wines around the world.

In addition to working with the American wine industry to promote American Wines, our Order sponsors unique national and local wine events. Events include a formal induction ceremony as well as more casual luncheons, dinners, wine tastings and educational seminars.

Our membership includes professionals in all phases of the wine industry and individuals who appreciate wine and wish to learn more about this wonderful and unique beverage. Membership is open to everyone, as our Order offers something for all whether they be a professional or just lover of fine wine. We offer unique wine programs that are both educational and social for our members. Current dues paying members have access to any chapter’s function throughout our Order as well as international events organized by the FICB.


4448 W 12th St

Houston, TX 77055

Tel: (844)440-8463 Fax: (713) 432-9464

Contacts :

Grand Commander: Robert “Buddy” Hagner

Executive Director:

Trish Hagner

FICB relations: Pasquale Pingitore



Robert “Buddy” Hagner, Chairman; Gordon MacKay, Claire Cuccio, Pat Pingitore, Tom Webb, Jeff Price, Jerry Gatlin, Rich Kehoe, Kenneth Haapala

Grand Officers:

Robert “Buddy” Hagner, Grand Commander

Gordon MacKay, Grand Vice Commander

Tom Webb, Grand Administrative Officer

Claire Cuccio, Grand Treasurer

Grand Council:

Robert “Buddy” Hagner, Tom Webb, Gordon MacKay, Claire Cuccio, Janet Hamilton, Pasquale “Pat” Pingitore